Wise words in Whitebridge

We’re just two guys willing to meet people and talk about the reasons to vote “yes” til the survey closes on November 7. Newcastle gave us so much support in this difficult endeavour, and I was minded to share with your readers a response to one morning spent in Whitebridge.

Sitting in Whitebridge, having a coffee,

And I’m amazed to hear a local

Took on some bikies for breakfast.

They’d set up by her local cafe

To tell all around “Vote No.”

I probably won’t meet her,

But I’m sure no-one beats her

For sheer courage!

In this long-drawn debate

The defenders of hate

Tell us “pipe down, respectfully.”

We’re called “radicals” and “thugs,”

With indifferent shrugs

For “Marriage, Mother’s Day, Christmas!”

Any respectful debate

With apologists for hate,

Must start with confession

Of their part in repression

Of the kids in their hood

Who were misunderstood.

In my Wollongong days,

Boys beat up the “gays,”

No mercy was shown,

No dignity was known.

For the “no” side it suits

To swap the black boots,

To reverse weak and strong

As they’ve been all along,

And to say they’re walking a mile

In our shoes.

This would be fit for satire

If repugnance and ire

Could stay contained.

Sometimes they can’t:

If I deny apartheid,

A black person is right not to hide

Their contempt for my views.

If I deny genocide

The victims are right to abide

None of my views!

If the “nos’” strongest point is that we’re too loud,

It’s time that we all finally felt proud.

And to the lady in Whitebridge who put up a fight,

Two guys were humbled by your belief in what’s right