Country Twitter

Yelling from a car window is Kempsey’s answer to Twitter, with one vocal No campaigner screeching “Save the family” from her speeding vehicle on the road from Crescent Head yesterday.

We undertook the walk from Sydney to Brisbane to escape the digital bubble but anonymous trolling can take place on a road with no internet reception. Part of me wished that the driver would have stopped to talk because her slogan confuses me. It confused me when Tony Abbott described families as the basis of community and hearing it shouted at 80 Kph didn’t add clarity.

Which families need saving? I’m not sure how allowing same sex couples to marry threatens this woman’s family more than leaning out a car window while speeding. Kempsey has the third highest reports of domestic violence in regional centres in NSW. This is an issue that threatens families, not allowing loving couples to have their relationship recognised by the law.

What about the families of same sex couples that already exist? Are these part of the car bound campaigner’s call for salvation? In the end it seems like another meaningless slogan meant to strike fear into people under the guise of love.

Let’s recognise the importance of all families and the power that a loving unit has to raise children, cope with economic hardships and crippling energy bills.

By not standing in the way of love we can focus on dealing with real problems, such as domestic violence (and dangerous driving).