CWA – Chicks With Attitude

For a lad more suburban than Keith Urban it might surprise you to know that I’m a very little bit country and a very little bit rock and roll (bananarama rock and roll, right) which is why the CWA was an essential stop through a country town today.

While buying marmalade a fellow relish fan and I chatted about the plebiscite and after a while revealed that she was Yes voter and a lesbian.

Both statuses were delivered in hushed whispers as she told me about a local gay couple who had their house egged.

For this retired and reluctantly retiring woman a low-key life was the best way of navigating community prejudice. I mentioned how an overwhelming Yes vote could help shift attitudes but to this woman that seemed as much of a pipe dream as decent internet speed.

With my marmalade in hand I left, taking some hope from the CWA’s progressive attitudes. While the NSW branch of the CWA has dropped the issue like a hot scone after vigorous debate, the Victorian branch and SW WA branch are big supporters of marriage equality.

Hopefully the people in the towns with an equality-minded CWA will put their eggs to better use than as missiles for gay households. I suggest Yo-Yo biscuits but that might be my suburban side talking.