Day 2 – Terrigal via ferry from Palm Beach to Wagstaffe

Yesterday as Sydney’s sky was emblazoned with the word ‘no’ Adam and I sought positivity on the road to Terrigal from Avalon.

On day two of our walk to Brisbane, as we adjusted to livings with sore muscles, heavy rucksacks and ugly, ugly walking shoes we decided to have an informal survey of marriage equality popularity.

If a car beeped in recognition of the rainbow flag trailing from Adam’s rucksack, the equality badges or a general aura of fabulousness, we would count it as a yes. If someone swerved or shouted abuse it was most likely a no.

The verdict was plenty of ‘yes’ honks, as well as some encouraging conversations from curious locals.

One shout of ‘faggots’ and a retro cry of ‘poofters’ from a grape Holden (I mean, really) was water of a duck’s rather stiff and sore back.

It’s early days but hopefully many of the ‘nos’ will disappear into the big blue, like yesterday’s ugly Sydney sky.