Day 3 – The Threshold at The Entrance 

This walk is about equal rights for gay and lesbian Australians but it’s hard not to get caught up in the fairytale aspects of marriage that we have been sold through sitcoms, Royal telecasts and family milestones since we were old enough to crawl.

Some of these traditions started as symbols of male dominance but putting a ring on it, wearing white and donning veils has changed over time. 

While I can’t imagine wearing a veil  on my big day, unless I have a pimple, I have always liked the tradition of carrying a loved one over the threshold. I blame too many Doris Day movies in my childhood (can you ever have too many?).

This one dates back to Roman times and taps into a number of creepy patriarchal themes as well as something to do with evil spirits but quite frankly I just like being carried.

That’s why I am besotted with Adam’s idea of the #yesvotechallenge where you can show your support for marriage equality by carrying someone you love over the threshold. 

Share your video and challenge friends to take part.

No ice is involved, or planking, but I suggest loving someone a little bit lighter than you are.