Today’s poll from The Australian shows slipping support for same sex marriage with commentators calling out bullying tactics from ‘Yes’ supporters.

That Tasmanian headbutt from an Anarchist is still referred to, despite the protagonist’s eloquent explanation that, like the Australian public during Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministerial reign, he just couldn’t tolerate the politician.

All of a sudden the committed No campaigner who delivered a pie to the face of Qantas head Alan Joyce is forgotten.

Are we hearing about the Yes campaigners who have had their house’s covered with swastikas?

Like many members of the LGBTI community I have faced verbal and physical bullying throughout my life because of my sexuality. Even walking from Sydney to Brisbane with Vote Yes messages on my T-shirt, every day I have experienced people yelling out insults from cars.

To have No campaigners say that they are being bullied feels like a convenient adoption of the Victim T-shirt until they can go back to wilfully discriminating against the LGBTI community. It’s like the older brother hitting their younger sibling and then pretending that Charlie bit their finger.

Rather than be scared of people wearing Equality badges the Australian public should be concerned about the rise of far right religious groups. Women should be concerned about the potential loss of access to services, as is happening in the US. Minorities should look to the German elections where far right groups are gaining prominence, again.

The real potential victims of this vote about equal rights is most of Australia, not the wolves in sheeps’ clothing.