God Speed to Newcastle

Sometimes the most important thing that happens during hours trudging asphalt occurs in a matter of seconds.
Today our toughening feet are resting in Newcastle and I looked back on a message we received through social media.

“Hi guys! I shouted you a coffee yesterday at Toukley 👌I had to rush back to my kids in the car but wanted you to know that I shouted you coffee because I think you’re bloody amazing and obviously passionate about what you’re doing (I love people that act on what they think and don’t just think) but also because I’m a Christian and wanted you to meet one who wouldn’t be negative and tell you God hates you because that’s not true at all! So walk on brothers and know you have many cheering you on!”

Call it fatigue, or the sight of my untamed eyebrows but this message made me weepier than the blister on my left toe.

To me the Christian spirit is all about love, not who you want to bake a cake for or masking hate with cherry-picked Bible quotations.

This message reminded me that we all have different beliefs but that as long as we believe in each other, things might be ok. Love and a free coffee – life is good.