Marriage equality is a matter of life and death

Today I woke up on the outskirts of Newcastle to the news that an amazing friend Paul Legvold died in the US.

Paul has been married to his husband Patrick Day since 2009 but their love stretches on years before that important ceremony. Because they were married Patrick does not need to prove his relationship status or have Paul’s wishes challenged by family members. Just as important, the community can rally around Patrick and acknowledge their relationship, because we easily understand the bond of married couples.

I met Paul in my early twenties when I was flying to New York from LA. We chatted on the plane and when I was stranded at JFK he gave me a lift in his chauffeured car. For nearly 20 years he shared with me the milestones of his relationship with Patrick and became a role model, enjoying the kind of life I would like to lead (I do love a chauffeured car as well as two people in love).

I’m going to miss my out of the blue updates from Paul and will keep walking, hoping that I can eventually enjoy the bond he and Patrick shared and will continue to share in life and death.