Road Kill

Walking from Forster to Taree to Wauchope to Port Macquarie, a lot of things cross your mind.

Q: How do you pronounce Wauchope?
A: Forget the C.
Q: Was that rustle in the bushes a snake?
A: Yes.
Q: How do P-platers drive BMWs?
A: Mum and Dad.
Q: Why are we doing this?

After a particularly long walk in the hot sun by the side of a highway I was wondering why we didn’t just walk through outer Sydney, Blacktown perhaps, and connect with people that way.

I’ve discovered that the universe responds faster than Adam to a text message. Five minutes later a woman started walking towards me on the highway at Halliday’s Point, gripping her keys between her fingers in traditional self-defense mode.

As I prepared to face a Camry key to the forehead she asked me if I needed a lift.
This was a first. We had enjoyed beeps of support but someone stopping to offer two burly-adjacent men a lift was a first.

The woman was from Blacktown and against the judgement of two children in the backseat she wanted to show her support. Just days earlier her pre-teen daughter had said that she wanted to be able to vote Yes, so this brave Mum wanted us to meet her.

We turned down the lift, to the relief of the kids sprawled in the backseat but accepted the good wishes.

This is why we are doing this – to connect with people in unusual ways that surprise us and them. To support love, equality, learn how to pronounce unusual town names and dodge snakes and car keys.